Board of Advisors

Fernando LacabaFernando Lacaba

Angel Investor & Global Sales Veteran Chairman & CEO, Chief Executive Officer TheBankingPractice, Chairman of the Advisory Commitee at Edinn Global, Board of Advisors for several ambitious start-ups, Chemical Engineer at Universidad Complutense de Madrid and PADE and PDD at IESE Business School.

Fernando is CEO at TheBankingPractice, a consultancy firm, headquartered in London and Madrid, specialised in Business Transformation Projects with a distinctive consulting model to offer skilled banking professionals with proven know-how in: Technology and strategy advisory, business process transformation and management, integrated risk management operations optimization, sales and marketing transformation, mergers and acquisitions services, PMO, etc.

Before getting into entrepreneurial management, Fernando worked for 15 years in large companies like Everis, Andersen Consulting and Barclays. Fernando was Organization Director at Barclays, Senior Manager in Accenture, Partner in charge of Global Risk Management and Quantitative marketing analysis practises in Everis, and Partner in charge of Financial services business consulting at Everis.

José Vicente PonsJosé Vicente Pons

Serial Entrepreneur & Angel Investor, Co-Founder & CEO at BioSequence SL, Managing Director of Business Innovation SL, Member of the Social Board University of Valencia, Organizer & Coach of Valencian Global Growth Program, Member of the Board of Advisors DosBio50 Valencian Fund, Member of the Board of Bioncotech (Anticancer Therapies), Member of the Organization Committee of the FORINVEST context, Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) - University of Karlsruhe

José is Angel Investor, and Co-founder & CEO of BioSequence SL, the first European company offering personalized oncology treatments using DNA ultra sequencing technology. He co-founded Business Ingredients, a US-based company that helps European companies to develop their presence on the US market.

José Vicente Pons started Business Innovation in 2008, to help innovative Valencia startup companies bring their products and services to the international market.
In 2011, José approached Entrepreneurship Ventures Inc. to develop the VALENCIA GLOBAL GROWTH PROGRAM. He was CEO and Managing Director of Natraceutical S.A., a Valencia biotech company producing functional ingredients and active principles for the food and healthcare industry. Under José’s leadership the company raised more than 120 M€ from VCs and international investment funds (BNP, Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank et al) Prior to Natraceutical, José was in charge of the execution of Natra’s strategic program, the Spanish leader in chocolate products & cocoa derivatives, developing new direct sourcing systems in the Ivory Coast and South America. José was successful with a number of vertical integration operations which led to the acquisition of Zahor, Spain’s biggest private label chocolate manufacturer.

Before getting into entrepreneurial management, José Vicente worked for 10 years as consultant in the Andersen Consulting and Arthur Andersen European practice, developing and implementing new manufacturing and logistics processes in the food, pharmaceutical, textiles and steel production industry. José also developed and implemented programs to improve cost and efficiency of the operations at a number of companies in Europe.

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