Artificial Intelligence (Envision)


Artificial Intelligence Module

by edinn

version 2021-01


Product description

We combine statistics and Artificial Intelligence to achieve a useful technology that makes predictions. It avoids costs and problems, knowing well in advance the main breakdowns before they occur.

Version 2021-01
By edinn
ID LW0100
Operating System Microsoft Windows
Delivery methods Activation, Installation, Code
Required Production Control Module (OEE)
  • Highlights

    • Notify in advance: If the prediction success rate is high enough for your organization, activate notification to users of the most likely failures to occur, to achieve significant savings.
    • Validate predictions in advance: activate the fault prediction module using neural networks and check, with a single button, the success rate of fault predictions obtained by the edinn M2 system in your organisation.

Price information

Price table
Rental mode (SaaS) 12 € / month
Maintenance for SaaS Included
Purchase mode (SaaP) 360 €
Annual maintenance for SaaP 18% Licenses (from 2nd year)


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