Artificial Intelligence & Big Data

Big Data & Artificial Intelligence edinn
With the Artificial Intelligence and Big Data module take advantage of all your data and make better decisions through Machine Learning. Avoid excessive costs and problems knowing the main failures before they occur, and with advanced notice. Also, increase the speed of data processing with new Big Data technologies.

We bring you all the information for your BIG DATA analysis


With this module, you can have all the dashboards based in BIG DATA in your terminal.



Can you imagine how much trouble and money you could save if you would know sufficiently in advance what failures are going to happen?


If you don’t see it, you won’t believe it. That’s why we provide you with a system to validate the success rate of the predictions before informing users.

Displays millions of records in just a few seconds

With the Artificial Intelligence and Big Data module you will also get the most advanced reports and other parts of the system greatly accelerated. In just a few seconds you can represent reports with aggregated data from millions of records.



Evolve into the Industry 4.0


We combine statistics and Artificial Intelligence to obtain a useful technology that predicts the future, providing great benefits every day.


Fast and advanced dashboards: the system prepare data for managing BIG DATA analysis, with advanced dashboards that are shown in less time.


Work with your own BIG DATA analysis: the system prepares data to perform Big Data, allowing the creation of advanced and complex control panels that are displayed at high speed.


Prediction of failures: receive warnings about certain failures, sufficiently in advance in order to avoid them.

Validate the predictions in advance: activate the failure prediction module using neural networks and check, by pushing one single button, the success rate of the failure predictions that the edinn M2 system obtains in your organization.


Notify in advance: if the prediction accuracy rate is high enough for your organization, then activate the notification of the failures that are most likely to occur to the users and obtain significant savings.


High tech: the edinn M2 fault prediction module uses high technology to combine statistical techniques and neural networks. In some installations, high success rates have been measured continuously, although the prediction of all faults can not be guaranteed because it is a prediction that depends on the quality of the data.