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Encountering a prob...

Encountering a problem will locally setting up the server of the Open Industry 4.0 Platform  


Iasonas Sarris
New Member
Registrado: hace 3 meses
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24/09/2020 6:44 pm  

I have been trying to set up the Edinn M2 Terminal in the 6th step of the procedure following the video suggestions.

I encounter a problem when running the setup application in the client_setup folder. After correctly installing the Parser and while installing the client i get the following message " Cannot find the source file 'C:\temp\edinnM2_client_setup_win32_v201911\\@M2Updater.exe' to install". The result is that the installation is terminated. I have traced this file in the EdinnM2.CAB file so I know for a fact that it exists. 

Can anybody provide me with an explanation and/ or away to resolve this issue?

thank you