Development platform (API)

A real Industry 4.0 platform that allows you to develop any functionality, report or application you need, in case you cannot find it in the 12 standard modules.

Do you want edinn to adapt to your specific needs or do you want to make it even more powerful?


Adapt and improve any functionality of the platform or request us to do it for you. You will always retain the source code of the developments made on the Development Module (API).


We will give you training and examples


We have many API developments that are working today, and we are able to train you to use them too.

Real examples


Create special reports, let sirens go off, stop machinery, control cameras… If you are able to design it, you can definitely do it with the API module.


No limits: resolve any specific need your organization might have, developing it yourself or let one of your partners develop it. You will retain the source code of your developments, with the advantages of the edinn M2 system.


Standard: programming languages and standard architecture, for greater robustness and stability, to reduce the necessary training and to guarantee its future investment.


Competitive advantage: retain know-how and source code.

Internally or subcontracting: develop within your organization or entrust it to edinn´s team or one of your providers.


Choose your development environment: use the development environment of your preference. Our API follows the standard protocol API Rest.


Availability of training and examples: attend courses and, to get ideas, obtain examples of real API applications.