MPS (Mobilized Production System)

by m-Lean

Standard Pack

Product description

MPS is a web and mobile solution in constant evolution, which digitalizes the day-to-day operations of the factory, ensuring consistency of behaviour and providing an integrated and unified view of all information.

By m-Lean
Real-time information Web Dashboard Module
Creation and management of standards Visual Standard Module
Methodology 5S Module 5S
Continuous improvement IKaizen Module
Creation and follow-up of audits Observation Module
Problem management Problem Solving Module
Action plans in a single tool Lean Center Module
  • Highlights

    • A tool designed for people. 
    • It facilitates the implementation of the lean methodology.
    • Improves the quality of training.
    • Easily manage action plans.
    • Information always available and updated.
    • Standardization of processes.
    • Customize and improve this pack: incorporate premium services with additional integrations and extensions.


The support system for this integration is offered by m-Lean.

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