Integration with ERP, SCADA, WMS, etc

With Integration Module connect your edinn M2 system with any of your other systems, by means of standards and in a robust way and, if you prefer, in real time

Real-time information, coherent in all systems and without introducing the information more than once


The edinn M2 system knows almost everything that happens in your production. Connect it to your current systems to improve them and therefore radically improve your organization.


They will tell you that everything can be integrated, but we recommend you to protect your investment and to radically reduce the initial costs and maintenance


Because with the edinn M2 system you use ISA-95, XML and web services; the most accepted standards.

Always available


If communications fail or if the other system is closed (for example, because of the accounting closure of the ERP), users will continue to consult the available stock or perform any other function in the edinn M2 system. Once the systems are reconnected, the information will be synchronized again.


Standarized system: exchanges information automatically, controlled, formatted, in real time and deferred, with any electronic system which is compatible with the ISA-95 standard, such as PEOPLESOFT And SAP.


Machine standard: automatically exchanges information with any machine through the OPC standard (


Robust: easily manage communication failures or accounting closure days as the edinn M2 system will continue to operate autonomously and all work will be transferred from edinn M2 when the connection is restored.


Adaptable: if an integration which is not covered by the ISA-95 or OPC standards is needed, it is possible to develop new integrations with the built-in development module or to incorporate them into the edinn M2 system standard as new integration modules.

Interoperable: allows you to launch documents and external applications in an integrated way and from the user environment.


Connected: it is possible to transfer internal comments sent by the edinn M2 system users by email.


Exportable: export any data table from the edinn M2 reporting system to Excel with only one click.