Maintenance (CMMS) and Procedures

Autocontrol Module: Maintenance Management (CMMS) and Procedures manages and optimizes maintenance and procedures in your organization.

Radical reduction of your maintenance costs


Our users report reduced maintenance costs of up to 40% in very optimized industrial plants.
Automatic maintenance planning


Automatic planning of maintenance and procedures


Maintenance tasks and procedures will be automatically planned, prioritized and tolerances will be set, so that workers only have to carry them out. It is possible to receive emails in case of anomalies.

You will definitely be satisfied too


Sustained satisfaction levels of up to 90% have been measured among the users of this module.


Automatic planning: program occasional and periodic tasks and procedures.


Flexible: define tolerances for tasks and procedures to let the user know about them in advance and to gain a certain time margin to carry out these tasks and procedures.
Anticipate: simulate future periods to know what maintenance tasks and procedures should be carried out.


Web reports: obtain cumulative and detailed reports to know the implementation level of procedures and maintenance tasks, as well as their efficiency.
No task or procedure will be left unattended: you can receive a notification email and consult in real time and from historical data, from any computer, tablet or smartphone, those maintenance tasks and procedures that must be carried out and those that have and have not been carried out.


Optimize maintenance: it is possible to receive an email when a machine has stopped for more than a certain period of time in order for you to be able to carry out the pending maintenance. This will allow you to save valuable time and to reduce costs.

Customize it for your business: create new fields and information buttons associated to the tasks, to customize the edinn M2 system to your management and information needs. Define a large number of properties for these fields, or even develop your own application linked to it..


Workflows: activate the workflow of task and procedure approvals in order for the supervisor to approve the correct performance of the tasks or procedures that are critical to the business.


Automatic prioritization: Prioritize tasks and procedures by distinguishing the critical ones.


Security: Require user re-authentication to ensure that certain supervisors make sure that tasks and/or procedures have been carried out correctly.


Procedures: link tasks and/or procedures to process states (breakdowns, delays, etc.) in order to clearly define and control how the different situations that can occur in your organization are managed.


No paper: access to electronic documents or other applications linked to any element of the system: planning, machines, incidents, maintenance and procedures, quality, etc