Production control and KPI’s

Maintenance and Processes

Reduce costs thanks to maintenance GMAO

Production Scheduling

Management and optimization of Planning


Know your actual production costs

Artificial Intelligence & Big Data

Know when a breakdown will occur before it happens


Manage, motivate and increase performance of your team


Increase the quality and performance of your Processes

Stock and Traceability

Manage the available stock or the traceability of your products

ERP Integration

Integrate your systems easily

Artificial vision

Monitor your processes by artificial vision

API Development

Use a complete development platform to improve and customize Edinn

Consumption efficiency

Minimize your consumption and your operation costs


Labels and Traceability

Trace many information fields in your items through several vinculated proccsses

Dashboard Window

Powerful dashboard, completely customizable through API

Production Numbering

Allows numbering your production based off automatic or manual parameters

Reel Consumption

Calculates paper reel length consumption in meters

New Shift Alarm

Sounds a customizable alarm between shifts

Batches and Expiration Dates

Allows the automatic creation of different kinds of batches and their dynamic expiration dates