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Companies improve at least 5% in productivity and/or cost reduction in less than 1 year with edinn, Industry 4.0 Open Platform and MES System 1.


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    Finance from less than 4 euros per day 2

    No minimum contract period if desired

The best strategic decision for SMEs and major companies

Complete, standard and Open Industry 4.0 Platform, including a MES System. Install, expand and improve it by your organization, and/or by partner companies. With thousands of users worldwide.

Regulatory compliance and/or Audits?

edinn facilitates regulatory compliance and auditing of thousands of users, such as SPC or RD 1801/2008. Contact us.

Stop waiting

Your competitors are not waiting. Your competitiveness and your profits can not wait.

Do it yourself or we install and configurate it for you.

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1 edinn Cloud Production Control OEE license

Access to Academy and online support

Training and support for set up and configuration (max. 8h) (3)

Installation, set up, training and support (max. 24h) (3)

1 Touch Terminal (4)

1 Monitoring (eBOX) (4)

1 Sensor (4)


You save 10 €

You save 36 €

You save 127 €

You save 196 €

You save 204 €

One-time payment 0 €
Monthly 78 €

One-time payment 494 €
Monthly 78 €

One-time payment 2.223 €
Monthly 78 €

One-time payment 3.539 €
Monthly 78 €

One-time payment 3.674 €
Monthly 78 €

Industry 4.0 Platform - Success cases

About edinn



Founded in 2004, edinn is becoming one of the world’s most popular Industry 4.0 Platform as it is used by thousands of customers around the world.


Edinn is the base platform for any Industry 4.0 project, because it includes the necessary “core” elements and, on them, using the favorite development environment, it allows to solve any need through its standard API. That is why leading companies that are edinn partners use it in their Industry 4.0 projects.

Edinn produces the platform, but it needs partners to implement it in customers. Partners also have, with edinn, a complete back-end to develop and manage an Industry 4.0 business line. This Partner + edinn business model provides greater service and commitment to the final user.


The edinn platform incorporates modules for the Production Control (Manufacturing Execution System, MES), Optimization (Operational Intelligence, OI), Big Data and Machine Learning.

Edinn Industry 4.0 Platform - API

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(1) Ask us if you want a personalized study or more information. Although we have not had any exceptions so far, we can not assure profits in all cases because it depends on each organization.

(2) The financing of some kits could be subject to a minimum contract period and previous approval by a collaborating financial institution. For more details, contact us with the following email

(3)  The service will be performed remotely, unless it is not possible, in which case the costs of travel, hotels and subsistence are not included in this offer.

(4)  Shipping costs and taxes no included. Customer can try the platform with 1 licence OEE for free during 30 days. In case of installation on-premise servers, the monthly suscription fee will be only 29€ per month, and there could be upfront costs for local installation support.

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(5) Does not include hardware or additional services

(6) The button “Buy now” leads directly to the paypal payment page. In case you need to make the payment with other method, ask us here indicating your contact details. With the purchase of any of the kits included here, you agree the following terms and conditions: