Personnel Management

Personnel Module a great help to manage, motivate and increase your team’s performance.

Your team will increase its performance because they will be more motivated


With edinn M2 you will finally have a visual and user-friendly system that motivates teams to obtain the best performance (eg OEE).


The system will perform the incentive calculations with complete accuracy


If you manage incentives, combine this module with the Cost module to capture the data automatically and obtain all the incentive calculations, accurate and in your currency.

All situations can be configured


The edinn M2 system will adapt to your personnel management. You will not have to adapt your management to the system.


Easy and visual: easily and visually manage who is working, when and where.


Objective performance per employee: get to know the performance of each employee, because they are able to indicate on which job or machine they are working at any moment.


Individually and by teams: the performance will be calculated individually or jointly. If there are several employees at a position, you can decide if they should produce more or in less time, and the calculation of their performance will be made according to this decision.


Incentive management: with Cost Module, there is an incentive system available for your employees where you can consult a report that informs you about the exact amount, in your currency that corresponds to each worker. (multi-currency).

Activity reports: availability of an activity report in real time by area, process and per operator, to know exactly what tasks have been carried out, what their performance has been and whether they have been at a certain job the entire time or if there were periods they were without a job.


FTE management: availability of a real time FTE (Full Time Equivalent) report per area, process and operator. This helps to understand if the workdays the company is paying match with those that have been worked and with the expected performance, both in production and services. And if not, discrepancies are detected.


Final clocking at process level: the final transfer at process level: establish a maximum and minimum number of employees in every position. When the maximum number of employees in a position is exceeded, you decide how you want the employees to manage it, among all the possibilities the system allows.