Apply it to your business, whatever your industry


The edinn M2 system is ready to be used in many sectors, because it has exclusive technological features that allow it to adapt and operate 100% in virtually any sector:

Agriculture and Food


Agriculture and fish farms
Machinery and equipment for agriculture, forestry and aquaculture sectors
Prepared foods and beverages
Machinery and equipment for the food and beverage industry
Services for the food and beverage industries
Machinery and equipment for the tobacco industry

Construction and Civil Engineering


Contractors for public works and construction engineering
Machinery and equipment for construction and public works engineering
Structural fabrication for public works and construction engineering
Non-structural construction manufacturing
Prefabricated buildings and construction materia
Sanitary material
Construction materials

Manufacturing and Industry

Automotive industry
Machinery and equipment
Metallurgy, metalwork and metal products
Electrical and electronic equipment
Equipment and instruments for test and measurement. Optical and precision equipment.
Means of transport
Fire prevention systems and security systems
Equipment and supplies for hospitals, medical centers, dentists and veterinarians
Rubber and plastic products
Chemical and pharmaceutical products

Wood, furniture and wood products
Mineral products, glass and ceramics
Prepared foods and beverages
Tobacco products and articles for smokers
Fabrics, clothes, leather, footwear
Paper and paper products
Publishing services
Office supplies. Computers and peripherals
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, refrigeration
Nuclear engineering
Other industries

Transport and logistics


Transport services
Administration of transport infrastructure
Transport industry
Professional Consultants
Storage and storage facilities
Packaging services
Services for companies

Extractive Industries and Chemical


Minerals, crude, natural gas
Mining and stonework
Oil and Gas Public Service, Waste Management
Acids, gases, cosmetics, cauch
Chemical and pharmaceutical products
Rubber and plastic products

Electricity, water, gas environment


Production and supply of electric power
District heating services
Production and supply of gas
Water and wastewater
Management of industrial waste and environmental protection services