Stock and Traceability

The Stock and traceability Module manage stock in real time and right where it is consumed and generated

Reduce stock to minimum levels and avoid unpleasant situations


Manage stock in real time and directly where it is consumed and generate. Your entire organization will be synchronized, working like a clock.



The edinn M2 system is easier to use and more visual than many enterprise management (ERP) or Warehouse Management (WMS) systems.

Use the device that best suits your needs


PC, Tablet or Smartphone, it is always the same information, but you decide which device is the most suitable for each position.


Template management (BOM): define consumption and stock generation templates based on the results registered in every process.


Stock prediction: estimate the expected consumption and stock generation for every work order.


Real stock: define consumption and stock generation that has actually occurred for each produced result.


Traceability: define traceability the way you need it, from complete batches, to the unit level of each element.


Deviation reports: colour-coded reports are available, which allow you to detect deviations from the expected consumption and stock generation, in real time and from historical data.

Real time: get to know the stock that is being consumed and produced in all your productive processes in real time.


Integrated with the ERP: inform your ERP about the consumed and generated stock in real time.


Stock consults in real-time: allow your employees to consult the available stock, by consulting it in real time from the warehouses (requires integration with the ERP).


Availability and blocks: employees will have up-to-date information on stock availability, location, type of batch, etc. They will block the batch every time they use it, so other workers will not be able to use it.


Offline operation: tasks related with stock can even be carried out when the ERP is closed (due to accounting processes, ERP or communication breakdown). Once the communication or ERP is restored, everything that has been done will be synchronized.