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Edinn is the Industry 4.0 open platform with IoT technology selected by more than 3,000 actual users in 12 countries. The easiest, quickest and most powerful way to reach their maximum Productivity and Total Efficiency in real time. It includes the standard tools for Production Control (Manufacturing Execution System, MES), for Optimization through Operational Intelligence and allows to develop every other need.


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Successful in companies of any sector and size


1-50 Employees

Junta 3

"Edinn M2 has been the solution for Industry 4.0, increase our productivity and become more competitive."


Medium Company

50-250 Employees

Martinez y Cantó

"We are very satisfied with the edinn M2 system, and that is why we recommend it to other companies."

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Big Company

+250 Employees


"The total time dedicated by our personnel has been reduced, because our tasks have been automated."

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