2019-11 version

Innovation for the Industry 4.0

With the new edinn version come many new features:
Powerful scheduling tools, dark mode, a lot more speed
and improvements all across the board.
Discover how it can help you.

Schedule your working orders

The Production Planning Module will propose you when and in which processes should working orders be performed to obtain the best KPIs.


We have developed, together with partners and clients, a complete set of functionalities which turn this module into an Advanced Planner and Scheduler (APS).


Recommendations and Diagnosis reports

Do you know which shift, result, team, process or operators are helping to increase OEE, which are not, and how much? Once again, edinn is the first to incorporate, in its standard functionality, the Recommendations Relevant report, based on Big Data and statistics, to answer all these questions from a single point, helping you to detect best practices and areas of improvement.


In addition, the Diagnosis report will allow you to know how the edinn platform is being used.


Much faster to show, dark mode and modernized

Now the edinn operation terminal is up to 50% faster to show. In addition, as black background visualizations have become the standard for many information screens, a dark theme is now available; select it from Devices Configuration. As if this was not enough, we have also modernized the aspect with vectorial icons which are shown perfectly in all resolutions.


Create dashboards with 1 click: they are faster and with better appearance

Create a complete dashboard with the basic information, with just 1 click from Processes Configuration, and send it to the desired terminals (devices). This version only incorporates 1 template, but in future versions we will incorporate more. We need to know if this functionality is useful for you and if you need more templates of dashboards.


In addition, now widgets are now 10% faster and use up approximately 15% less server memory. This, coupled together with the Big Data & AI Module which in some cases accelerates widgets to last up to 1% of what they used to last, and to the performance improvements which we applied in previous versions, make edinn dashboards and reports one of the most powerful tools in the market.


More IIoT (Industrial Internet Of Things) power

Graph any variable that you need to control and compare it visually with any other. You have new signals in the monitor and improved graphics. All that together with internal improvements for more power on IIoT.