edinn® M2 is centred in helping to improve efficiency in productive processes. Global process efficiency (OEE) depends on 3 factors:


  • Availability
  • Speed (or efficiency)
  • Quality
  • Consumption


Autocontrol is the tool provided by edinn® M2 to manage Maintenance and to follow Procedures to improve Availability and Speed, in other words, time and speed we are working with.


In order to better understand this tool, we will give an easy example. Any of us like to have a process we often use, a car, to be always available. Therefore, we realize an autocontrol based on:


  • Every certain kilometres (15.000, 30.000) we take it to the garage to have it checked.
  • In these checks procedures are followed.


In this way maximum availability and the most efficient maintenance is guaranteed.


Nevertheless, in production, often maintenance is performed at specific dates, or in case of failures, and not regulated by production, even without following procedures.


Therefore, autocontrol within edinn® M2 means:


  • Tasks that can be programmed to be launched at certain events:
    • Production of a certain number of units.
    • The process is in a certain time usage: failure because of lack of greasing, on hold for change of mold, etc.
    • A certain time has passed since the last maintenance.
    • Product change.
    • Etcétera.
  • Steps through which a mayor process needs to go: inter-process tasks.


Advantages of edinn® M2´s autocontrol are:


  • Complex and varied criteria are simultaneously programmed, and the system automatically performs task scheduling. S
  • We can specify those fields we want the operator to be informed of while performing a task or in case of certain events.
  • Simulation report on tasks that are going to be launched and when.
  • We obtain a report of the results of maintenance tasks and the information fields we asked the operators to fulfil.
  • We get to know the inter-process times in order to resolve failures, product changes, etc.
  • Maintenance tasks are mangaged in an efficient way.
  • As in the entire system, we can associate and show documents of how to perform tasks.