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“Our vision is to provide solutions to make the world more efficient and closer to eden, known as edinn in ancient texts.”

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About us


Founded in 2004, edinn is becoming one of the world’s most popular Industry 4.0 Platform as it is used by thousands of customers around the world.


Edinn is the base platform for any Industry 4.0 project, because it includes the necessary “core” elements and, on them, using the favorite development environment, it allows to solve any need through its standard API. That is why leading companies that are edinn partners use it in their Industry 4.0 projects.

Edinn produces the platform, but it needs partners to implement it in customers. Partners also have, with edinn, a complete back-end to develop and manage an Industry 4.0 business line. This Partner + edinn business model provides greater service and commitment to the final user.


The edinn platform incorporates modules for the Production Control (Manufacturing Execution System, MES), Internet of Things (IoT), Optimization (Operational Intelligence, OI), Big Data and Machine Learning.

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