Every machine and person can be monitored with edinn

Use edinn hardware: fast, robust and affordable


Create and register your organization, connect the sensor to edinn’s eBOX and the eBOX to the power and internet, check that the 2 led indicators of the eBOX are activated and … your edinn system is ready and monitoring!


Use your own OPC Server at no additional cost


Connect your OPC Server to the edinn server, use edinn OPC Bridge or send URL requests to our servers.


Use manual monitoring at no additional cost


Users indicate their production through the edinn terminal and the same information is generated as with automatically acquired data.


Other methods: there are virtually no limitations


Request your own edinn server at your workplace and monitoring will be done locally using any of the above methods and many more. Your data will be stored locally or, if you wish, you can synchronize them and make backup copies with the edinn cloud.