Your effectiveness increases with edinn

Easily control your production with a powerful and flexible MES + OEE system.

What is edinn?


Edinn OEE is a simple and intuitive software that includes everything you need to start optimizing your production in real time, because it automatically monitors machines and people, and shows you on your PC, Tablet or Smartphone, visually and easily, your main problems. It shows you where, how much and why you can increase efficiency and productivity.

Production Control
Productive Efficiency: OEE
Control of Times and States: preparation, breakdowns, stoppages and more
Manage documents and link with other applications: Zero Papers
Control of waste, rejects and scrap
Main KPIs such as CPK, MTBF, MTTR and more
Web report tool usable from PC, Tablets and Smartphones

How does it benefit you?

Reduce costs times

Because it increases the productivity and efficiency of production.

Increase profitability

Of any process or machine, no matter how simple or complex it may be.

Minute by minute, euro to euro

Where are the losses, through international standards such as OEE, MTBF, MTTR and more.


Simple and easy to use and configure.

Zero papers

It allows you to delete any paper document.


Assisted installation

Have our team guiding you

through the installation process.


“Do It Yourself” installation

You are free to install

edinn at your own pace.