(Tele) Work Management


The future of (tele) work.


edinn Platform for Work Management

Helps you in your work

Manage all your tasks. Share them and you will know in real time what your colleagues are doing, their progress percentage, if, for example, they have stopped for lunch or if they have a problem and you can help them, and much more.



Measure to improve

While you work, edinn calculates your performance and that of your colleagues, objectively and correctly, following international standards. It will motivate you and you will improve.

Results oriented

Thanks to a results-based model, people are more autonomous and provide results with the expected quality on time. Goodbye to timesheets and the constant questions of “How is homework going?” and “How much do you have left?” that demotivate the best professionals.


Facilitates working from home

Greater visibility, objective performance measurement and results orientation that provide greater confidence in the work of others.

Manage projects and tasks

Create and maintain your project in table or Gantt format, view and receive alerts about progress in real time, measure the time worked, the results obtained and the fulfillment of due dates.


Edinn support service

Count on our support team whenever you need it. We will give you the personalized assistance you require to get the most out of your edinn platform.

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