MES system

What does MES mean?


A production control system, better known as MES system ( Manufacturing Execution System ), is a system that manages and monitor the work that is being done in each process, including both manual work and automated work, generating reports of production in real time dashboards.


An MES system can include functions such as scheduling, management of manufacturing orders, stocks management, quality and maintenance, among other things. However, some authors frame the management of maintenance and traceability of stocks within OES (Operational Execution System) systems.


The edinn system works in any sector and constitutes a complete MES and OES system when it is integrated with any ERP (SAP, OpenBravo, Oracle, etc.) , or scheduler. Edinn is a Premium Solution Provider member of MESA International that guarantees a MES solution that complies with the most demanding international standards.


The integration of edinn with other systems is done through the integration module that conforms to the ISA-95 international standard, using XML and web services. With the edinn® M2 integration module you can integrate your own ERP and optionally your scheduling system, or choose the ERP and the planner that suits you best in the market.


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