Lean is a management philosophy focused on he reduction of the 7 types of “waste”:


  1. Overproduction
  2. Time of delay
  3. Transport
  4. Excess of processing
  5. Inventory
  6. Movement
  7. Defects in manufactured products


Eliminating waste, quality improves and production time and costs will be reduced.

Lean basically is obtaining the correct things at the correct place, at the correct moment, the correct amount, reducing waste, being flexible and open to change.
One of the key principles of Lean is Continuous improvement – reduction of costs, quality improvement, increase of productivity and sharing information.


The edinn M2 system is the Lean tool for the continous improvement. With this system you can reduce your costs,
improve quality, increase productivity and share all information at the factory.


For more information please consult the wikipedia.