What does OCE mean?


The edinn M2 system is focused on increasing the efficiency of any proccess. To measure consumption efficiency (including energy) it uses the international OCE standard.


OCE (Overall Consumption Effectiveness)is a ratio that measures consumption efficiency, including consumption related to energy.


OCE = 1 / PUE (%)


PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is a variable defined by The Green Grid as an instrument for the measuring of efficiency in data centers. It compares the total energy consumed by a data center with the complete amount of energy that arrives to the TI equipment, which allows measuring the amount lost by other devices, such as refrigeration systems.


PUE = Used Energy / Total Energy Injected


PUE does not measure consumption efficiency in percentages, but OCE does however. These are some examples:


OCE = 50%: You could be producing the same amount with half the energy consumption.

OCE = 100%: Energy consumption is optimal and cannot be improved.

What does OCDE mean?


OPCE is a ratiothat allows you to see total efficiency at a glance, both producive efficiency as well as energetic efficiency.


OPCE (Overall Production and Consumption Effectiveness) = OEE * OCE (%)


Being a product of both OCE and OEE, its values have the following meaning:


OPCE = 50%:this proccess could double its efficiency, either by reducing consumption in half, by doubling production, or by a combination of the two.

OPCE = 100%: this proccess cannot produce more or consume less energy.


OCE y OPCE ratios were created by edinn.


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