Your effectiveness increases with edinn

Easily control your production with a powerful and flexible MES + OEE system.

What is edinn?


Edinn MES + is a complete and advanced MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software, which can be integrated in a standard way with any ERP (SAP, Navision, etc.), which will allow you to globally manage and control your processes through the ‘Industry 4.0’ functionalities more advanced, such as predicting failures through neural networks. The edinn MES+ software includes edinn MES and edinn OEE.

Edinn’s OEE functionality
Edinn’s MES functionality
Control of costs and incentives
Energy Efficiency OCE
Prediction of Stops through Neural Networks
Control of waste, rejects and scrap
Management and Control by Artificial Vision
Web report tool usable from PC, Tablets and Smartphones

How does it benefit you?

Reduce costs and time

Because it increases the productivity and efficiency of production.

It makes the work easier

It allows to perform daily operations quickly and efficiently.

Global vision

Quick and updated global vision of your operations.

Real productive costs

Know them and reduce them, based on the reality of your plant.

Prediction of stops

Avoid breakdowns of your machines before they occur.

Minute by minute, euro to euro

Where are the losses, through international standards such as OEE, MTBF, MTTR and more.

Artificial vision

Use artificial vision for advanced monitoring.

New developments

Develop any specific need thanks to the Development Module (API).


Assisted installation

Have our team guiding you

through the installation process.


“Do It Yourself” installation

You are free to install

edinn at your own pace.