Monitor your company in a simple way

Discover how easy is to monitor your processes with the hardware selected by edinn.

Monitoring device e-BOX

Overcome all possible limitations when monitoring a machine or device with edinn BOX (eBOX). Because with the eBOX, and optionally with sensors, every machine and device is monitorable.



  • Strong and powerful.
  • Of general purpose.
  • Accessible through Ethernet or serial port.
  • Programmable through the free software WinProladder.
  • They can be read and written through different OPC Servers softwares, without cost or very low cost.

eHUB for Touch Terminal1 or basic server

Server hardware is required, in the case of local installation, or aggregator (“HUB”) of the eBOX, PLCs and / or sensors, in the case of installation in the cloud. To do this, we supply devices that meet the highest industry standards and specifications, providing reliability and power. This component can also be used in combination with Android, iOS or Windows tablets, for use as low cost touch terminals. In this way, if the tablet is damaged or lost, we will be operational again in less time and cost since it is not necessary to reinstall any application, because they are installed in this component.


In any case, if you require any other type of solution for operation, contact us here.


The touch terminals allow people to manually operate the applications of Industry 4.0 in an intuitive, strong and agile way. As they are tactile and strong, they are appropriate to do the job quickly and efficiently, even wearing gloves. As they are powerful, they will be useful for short-term applications, and also to incorporate new functionalities in the medium and long term.



  • Strong: they endure blows.
  • Fanless: so they break down less and do not introduce dust inside.
  • IP-65 certificates on the front: they support splashes of water and dust on the screen.
  • Powerful: 4 cores and 4 GB RAM.
  • Fast solid state hard disk (SSD).
  • Table or wall: usable on a table with the base incorporated, or mounted on the wall as they meet the VESA standard (additional accessory is required, also available in edinn).
  • Warranty 2 years against breakdowns. Optional: in-situ 1 year.

Photocell Sensor

The sensors allow to connect the edinn Industry 4.0 Platform and its applications to the real world. For this, the ideal is to use the sensors that machines and devices already have, so as not to have to install additional sensors. However, for those cases in which it is essential to install new sensors, we recommend leading manufacturers.


In any case, if you require any other type of sensor, contact us here.

These two series of photocells are universal use, high performance, low cost and easy application:

  • Sensopart sensor:
    • Range: 2 meters with reflector.
    • Detects transparent objects.
  • Lendher sensor:
    • Range: 6 meters with mirror.

(1) Requires tablet, not included.