Data Analysis

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Personalized Data

Analysis Service

Get valuable and profitable information from the millions of data records you get with edinn.


Discover the keys to improve even more the efficiency of your company.

The edinn platform allows you to obtain information easily and visually, in real time and historical, through its different web tools, applications ans from millions of data records stored. This information allows drastic increases in the profitability of operations (production and logistic) through the increase in operational ratios.


However, when each installation is studied individually, with its particular characteristics and specifications, edinn’s data usually still hides keys to achieve additional and significant profitability percentages. In other words, you can surely get valuable and profitable information from the millions of records you have on edinn platform, but perhaps you do not know how, you do not have enought time or the necessary tools.

For this reason, we offer users a new personalized data analysis service.


Carried out by experts, always with total confidentiality, respect for privacy and whose results will only be shared with the user.


In addition, these analyzes could allow edinn to improve its product with the objective that users have this information automatically and periodically.