New version edinn v2023-01


New version edinn v2023-01



New version edinn v2023-01

With our new version edinn v2023-01 you will be able to use the following windows 100% from a web environment :

      • Access
      • Major
      • state
      • Results
      • See planning


That is, now, when you access the web environment you will find the main window, from which you can access the areas and processes in a manner analogous to the desktop application. It has been improved to be used from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones . Planning, results or status alerts have been added with which you can be aware of your plant in real time and from anywhere.

You will be able to perform the common operations of the production control module such as:

      • Change result.
      • Report production, scrap and rework manually.
      • Notify inputs and outputs of material.
      • Justify stops.
      • Change status.
      • Add comments to your records.


In addition, you will have the opportunity to carry out the operations of the work planning and management module :

      • Assign a work order to a process
      • Start, pause, end, etc. Change the status of an order.
      • View the results recorded for an order.
      • View the history of order status changes.


With this we also obtain an improved reporting system :

      • More surface area available for viewing reports, because all fields and menus can be hidden.
      • Visual improvements: better dropdowns and fields.


This new version is prepared to include help through a “chat” with Artificial Intelligence (currently in process).


To learn more about this new version and how to integrate it into your business, contact us. We will be happy to assist you.



*Additional conditions: if the client is satisfied, he accepts that we publish his success story with prior approval of the content by the client.

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