BEYMA, productivity and total efficiency with edinn

BEYMA, productivity and total efficiency with edinn

Beyma company decided to assess edinn system in its facilities. The system was installed in 4 production processes in 3 days, and after an intensive use process of 30 days, finally Beyma selected eddin system to maximize productivity, produce more, better and cheaper, with the aim of being a even more competitive company.

From 1969 Acústica Beyma, designs and produces in its facilities in Valencia (Spain), a wide range of solutions in the speakers field, with the spirit of being “worldwide reference” for the users of acoustics systems as strategic suppliers and in order to satisfy customer needs by offering a high-performance product in the support term required.

The accumulated experience as a professional manufacturer along with the implementation of a strict Total Quality System, a client focused philosophy and a recognized and valued advanced R&D has promoted Beyma to tackle its international expansion process with success, operating on all five continents.

Therefore, Beyma is one of the most reliable and remarkable audio industry companies and is considered one of the worldwide leading brands.

About edinn

edinn is the company that develops advanced systems to improve efficiency. Efficiency improvements make processes more profitable, competitive and ecological.

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