Visual Factory: How to improve your productivity with real time data

Visual Factory: How to improve your productivity with real time data

In the industrial field, and related to the team management, there is a concept that is is revolutionising the way that companies communicate with employees: the “Visual Factory”.

Every day, companies manage graphs and reports on key points of the company that provide information in real time: production variations, monitoring of quality measures …etc

However, in many cases this information is not distributed quickly to the whole team. Data will be only presented in meetings or in weekly reports, which makes it impossible for plant operators to know at any time what is happening and where to find the failures or the productivity losses.

In Edinn, we know that many companies do not have direct ways to communicate with employees, and this lack of information makes it impossible for them to have updated data on their productio. For that reason, it affects directly to the management or resources and the employees motivation.

To handle this problem, we created “Visual Factory”, a new way to communicate with all the teams by using flat TVs with 24 hours non-stop data, with the updated information of different variables chosen my the company. Operators will have a real time view of the production: quality ratios, consumption, breakdwons, project planning ..etc. The company can determine the time range where information will be refreshed, an also can integrate additional plugins, like the weather, news..etc. This dashboard can also be displayed on flat TVs in common spaces, such as halls,  meeting rooms or even in the offices.

About Edinn®

Edinn is the open platform of Industry 4.0 used by more than 3.000 active users in 12 countries. It is a manageable, fast and powerful way to get the maximum efficiency and productivity in real time. It provides standard tools for Production Control (Manufacturing Execution System, MES & MOM), for Optimization through Operational Intelligence (Operational Intelligence, OI)and allows to develop every other need.

To this day, Edinn has developed more than 100 successful projects in the 4th Industrial Revolution, and doing so, Edinn has become one of the most experienced technology enablers in Industry 4.0

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