Flexsim Integration

Flexsim Integration


Process simulation arrives to the edinn platform

We’re proud to announce that edinn is now compatible with virtual factory simulation solutions like Flexsim, the discrete event simulation software package developed by FlexSim Software Products.

Anyone can simulate a process, connect to edinn (locally or on the cloud) and monitor it, allowing everybody to try the platform’s functionality in full.

You have everything detailed in our How-To video on Youtube

Very useful for:
– Measuring a process’ performance before its implementation.
– Formation for workers and managers.
Webinars and partner related activities
– Presentations for executives and decision-makers



About Flexsim

FlexSim Software Products, Inc. (FlexSim) develops state-of-the-art simulation modeling software to analyze, visualize, and improve real-world processes. As a high-tech company, they are driven to make bold advancements in their industry, making simulation-generated solutions more valuable, accessible, and easy to use for their customers.


About edinn

Founded in 2004, edinn is becoming one of the world’s most popular Industry 4.0 Platform as it is used by thousands of customers around the world.

edinn is the base platform for any Industry 4.0 project, because it includes the necessary “core” elements and, on them, using the favorite development environment, it allows to solve any need through its standard API. It incorporates standard tools for Production Control (Manufacturing Execution System, MES), Production Optimization using Operational Intelligence, Big Data and Machine Learning.

edinn produces the platform and relies on the associated companies (Partners) for the implementation, thus providing double guarantee and greater service. Partner companies have a complete back-end to develop and manage their Industry 4.0 business line.


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