The importance of backups


The importance of backups


How to protect your business data

Currently technology is constantly changing and developing, which creates a greater dependence on these technological solutions. Our data is in each one of them and we must make sure to keep our information very well against any inconvenience that may arise such as a system error, virus, device theft, etc. Precisely, backups serve to protect our data against this type of situation and not lose the information we have, that is, it is an identical copy to the content you have selected.

There are many ways to make a backup, such as external storage devices (pen drives, external drives, etc.) or directly in the cloud. With the use of backups, we also achieve the assurance that we will always have access to our data.

Something fundamental about this resource is that the information contained in the backups must be updated with the latest content.

In the latest version 2020-07 of edinn we have found the solution to secure our clients’ data, incorporating automatic backups functionality and tools to manage them.

In addition, you can count on us if you need help to configure the backup management functionalities.

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