edinn in the UK

edinn in the UK


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In this post we tell you how the influence of edinn in the UK is growing.

Edinn increases its presence the UK

The UK is currently Europe’s second largest industrial exporter after Germany. It is also one of the top 10 economies in the world in terms of GDP. The main activities of British industry are machinery, transport equipment (vehicles, railways and aeronautics) and chemical products. In addition, the UK has a high technology and research component, which places it at the forefront of European industry, second only to Germany.

All these qualities make the United Kingdom a very favourable environment for a very ambitious promotional deployment of our edinn system, the Digital Operations Platform.

We collaborate with the Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine from the UK

The medium chosen to promote our business in the United Kingdom has been Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine (MEM). MEM is the UK’s leading engineering magazine and manufacturing news source. It covers a wide variety of interesting sectors including: contract manufacturing, 3D printing, structural and civil engineering, automotive manufacturing, aerospace engineering, marine engineering, railway engineering, industrial engineering, CAD and schematic design.

MEMUK is the perfect channel to promote what edinn as a company is achieving with its amazing revolution in Industry 4.0 and Work Management. This medium reaches leaders in the manufacturing and engineering industry, regularly presenting high interest content to both small and large manufacturing companies, all the way up to the top 100 engineering companies in the United Kingdom.

Stay tuned as we will soon be announcing new developments in the campaign and find out how we promote edinn in the UK! You can find the first of our promotional items here.

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