Free webinar about Visual Classifier (in Spanish)

Free webinar about Visual Classifier (in Spanish)


Discover Visual Classifier with us

On Thursday 22nd June from 17:00 to 18:00 we will be holding a free webinar on Meetup about Visual Classifier (VC) where Gabriel Alfonsín, VC specialist, will explain the applications of VC and its use cases. The webinar will be in Spanish, if you wish to have one in English, do not hesitate to let us know: contact with us

VC is our visual sorting tool using Artificial Intelligence. With this product we have recently won a contract with a partner of ours whereby 40% of the scales in supermarkets in Spain will be equipped with it. Its main features are:

  • Easy to use: no programming knowledge required because it is documented.
  • Best success rates: over 95% success rate with very few photos (“Few Shot Learning”). No need for thousands of photos.
  • Configurable and maintenance-free.


At a very competitive cost, it can help solve most sorting processes, for example:

  • Classification of products and sizes.
  • Quality controls.


We look forward to seeing you!

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