Discover the Visual Classifier

Discover the Visual Classifier


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Discover the Visual Classifier, a real-time image classifier without any prior training, model or human intervention

Visual Classifier (VC) is our visual classification tool using Artificial Intelligence that allows you to classify huge amounts of images with only a few learning images. It has proven to be able to present high high rates (around 95%) with few images for learning (Few Shot Learning).

Currently there are almost no computer vision products on the market. Moreover, the products that do exist have features that make them unsuitable for many real-world applications. Unlike most of these cloud-only solutions, which would not be suitable for many applications that must run on devices without Internet access, Visual Classifier is capable of running on devices without Internet connection.

Main functionalities of the VC:

  • Learn in real time: the VC is capable of, capturing some labeled images and learning from scratch, classifying quickly and accurately. Tags can come from integrated systems such as MES (edinn or similar).
  • No maintenance is required: there is no need to recycle models or perform periodic maintenance.
  • Open source if needed: open source versions can be made available using open source libraries for image processing or object detection in addition to the Anaimo AI SDK.
  • Based on the Anaimo AI SDK from our strategic supplier Anaimo
  • It is a ready-to-use product: no programming skills are required.
  • Communication through commands (API).
  • No specific hardware required.
  • Allows configuration.

How can VC help your company?

If you need to classify products, grades, sizes or anything in your company, VC will help you and your company to capture, process, learn and classify images in real time, without any previous training, model or human intervention.

We encourage you to contact us for more information about VC and its capabilities.

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