Consumption efficiency


Consumption Efficiency Module

by edinn

version 2021-01


Product description

Control and reduce your consumption of different resources, as well as associated costs. Monitor in a visual and easy way the main problems of over-consumption from your PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

Version 2021-01
By edinn
ID LW0020
Operating System Microsoft Windows
Delivery methods Activation, Installation, Code
  • Highlights

    • Minimize the consumption and costs of your operations: our users report reductions of 10% in their consumption ratio (OCE) in less than a year. Know, in real time and history, which machines, facilities and people in your organization could reduce their consumption, and 100% detail of the causes.
    • Integrated, real-time information: integrated consumption and production analysis. The integrated information, dashboard and email notifications will allow you to detect and correct deviations in real time.
    • No limitations on the types and variables of consumption: reduces any type of consumption, such as energy, materials, by use and depreciation of assets, by breakdowns or by excess personnel in the same position.


The edinn team supports this module from the Ticketing Platform.