Consumption efficiency

The Edinn Consumption Efficiency module enables you to control and reduce your consumption of different resources, even with associated costs and CO2 generation. It includes everything you need to optimize your production in real time, because it automatically monitors machines and people, and the example on your PC, Tablet or Smartphone, visually and easily, your main consumption problems. It ultimately shows you where, how much and why you can increase efficiency.

Minimize consumption and costs of your operations


Our users report significant reductions in their consumption ratios (OCE) when they are using the system. It helps them to know, in real time and from historical data, which machines, facilities and people in their organization could reduce their consumption, and they also know all details of the causes.


All information is integrated and in real-time


Forget problems of costly analyses of energy consumption and, separately, of production. The integrated information, dashboard and email notifications will allow you to detect and correct deviations in real time.

Without limits on consumption types and variables


It helps you to reduce any type of consumption, such as energy, materials, asset use and amortization or overstaffing at a certain position.


Dashboards: your reports will be displayed instantaneously, organized in as many panels as you need. Replace your expensive paper manuals with large flatscreen displays and consult continuously updated real-time and historical reports.


Web reports: Consult, in real time and from historical records, through an internet browser from any computer, tablet or smartphone, which people and machines in your organization are not being profitable because their consumption exceeds the target, and why, including all details.


Data capture: indicate resource and energy consumption generated by each person and machine, or tell the edinn M2 system where to obtain this information automatically.


Visual solution: visually consult, in a quick and easy way, through a red, yellow and green colour code, when a machine or person is not consuming its minimum consumptions in a profitable way. A justification will be requested from the person responsible for that process.


Easy to use: you will have a visual and interactive information model, which allows you to know, in real time and from historical records, which (groups of) machines and people, are not being profitable for the organization and why.


Optimum process visualization: Whether your organization is simple, or very complex because it consists of multiple plants or work centres, you can choose how you want to view your processes.


Complete information: get to know the energy consumptions of any machine or groups of machines, in real-time and from historical records, in a cumulative or detailed way, as well as its cost, the generated and saved CO2 and the evolution of all these values over time.

Objective information: get to know the reasons of overconsumption, according to the alarms of the machines or according to user justifications.


Real-time alerts: you can receive emails that inform in case of overconsumption or you can quickly see it from the red, yellow and green colour code.


Important alerts: you can receive emails if certain events occur: when a machine, person or group is not profitable or when a user makes a suggestion for improvement.


Internal messaging: additionally, users can receive emails periodically indicating in which tasks their performance is being satisfactory or not, in terms of consumptions. If not, a justification is requested.


Supervision: supervisors and management will know, visually and with certainty, in real time and from historical records, 100% of their inefficiencies: everything that separates the organization from productivity and total efficiency.


No paper: access to electronic documents or other applications linked to any element of the system: consumption, machines, incidents, maintenance and procedures, quality, etc.