Equivalents upon a field


Add-on: Equivalents upon a field

by edinn


Product description

Robust development so that the output of one or more processes is calculated by multiplying the counters of the PLCs by an equivalent factor that can be changed by the operators through a field in the results window.

  • Highlights

    • It allows the production to be calculated by multiplying the counter of a PLC by the pieces that are equivalent to each pulse.
    • The parts equivalent to each pulse are entered by the operator through a field in the results.

Version 2019-11
By edinn
ID Not available, use description
Operating System Microsoft Windows
Delivery methods Downloadable source code
Comments in the code Yes, in English
Development language VB.NET
Add-on license It does not require
Guarantee Not available
Access method edinn database
Required edinn modules Production Control
Installer (setup) Not available

Price information

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Rental mode (SaaS) No cost
Maintenance for SaaS Not available
Purchase mode (SaaP) Not available
Annual maintenance for SaaP Not available


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