Integration Module 

by edinn

version 2021-01


Product description

Connect your current management systems to the edinn platform through standards, in a robust way and in real time. Get real-time information, consistent across all systems, and without having to enter it more than once.

Version 2021-01
By edinn
ID LW0050
Operating System Microsoft Windows
Delivery methods Activation, Installation, Code
  • Highlights

    • System standard: exchanges information automatically, controlled, formatted, in real time and delayed, with any electronic system compatible with the standard ISA-95.
    • Robust: manage communication breakdowns or accounting closing days without problems, as the edinn M2 system will continue to operate autonomously and transfer all work done on the edinn M2 to the other system when the connection is restored.
    • Adaptable: when some integration not covered by ISA-95 or OPC standards is required, it is possible to develop new integrations with the built-in development module or incorporate them into the edinn M2 system standard as new integration modules.


The edinn team supports this module from the Ticketing Platform.