Production Control (OEE)

The Production Control (OEE) module includes everything you need to optimize your production in real time, because it automatically monitors machines and operators, and displays your main problems on your PC, Tablet or Smartphone, visually and easily. It ultimately shows you where, how much and why you can increase efficiency and productivity.

Increases the profitability of your operations


Our users report significant increases in their efficiency (OEE) by using the system, because it helps them to get to know, in real-time and from historical records, which people and machines in their organization could improve their performance and efficiency, as well as all details of the causes.


All the information you need to improve, accesible right in your PC, Tablet or SmartPhone.

For any sector and size of company


It does not matter which sector your organization belongs to, or if the work is totally manual or fully automatic. The edinn M2 system is successfully operating in many different sectors.


Control in real-time of your processes.

Automatic data collection.

Web-based Reporting Tool.

International Ratios(OEE, MTBF, MTTR and more).

Standar integration with other systems (ERP, SCADA and more).

Email, SMS and other ways to receive alerts.

High performance Data base.


Dashboards: your reports will be displayed instantaneously, organized in as many panels as you need. Replace your expensive paper manuals with large flat-screen displays and consult continuously updated real time and historical reports.


Web reports: Consult, in real time and from historical records, through an internet browser from any computer, tablet or smartphone, which people and machines in your organization are not being profitable, and why, including all details.


Data capture: indicate the results generated by each person and machine, or tell the edinn M2 system where to obtain this information automatically.


Optimum process visualization: Whether your organization is simple or very complex because it consists of multiple plants or work centres, you can choose how you want to view your processes.
Complete information: you will know at all times, in a visual and easy way, which people and machines work on what tasks and orders and for how long. You will be able to monitor what their results and performance are.


Easy to use: consult quickly and easily, through a red, yellow and green colour code, when a machine or person is producing in a way the results and consumptions are not profitable.


Ergonomics: you will have a visual and interactive information model, which allows you to know, in real time and from historical records, which (groups of) machines and people, are not being profitable for the organization and why.


Recommendations: to motivate and help the user to improve. Available in real time in the Terminal and in the Reports, using Big Data.

Visual solution: users will have visual alerts and performance graphics, in real time and from historical records, which will motivate them to increase their results and reduce their consumption.


Important alerts: if you want, you can receive emails if certain events occur. For example: when a machine, person or group is not profitable or when a user makes a suggestion to improve the process.


Supervision: supervisors and management will know, visually and with certainty, in real time and from historical records, 100% of their inefficiencies: everything that separates the organization from productivity and total efficiency.


International Ratios: an automatic calculation and visualization of the key performance indicators is carried out, such as productivity (OEE), total efficiency (OPCE) and consumption (OCE); Availability (A), performance (S) and quality (Q) and Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) among others.


Customize it for your business: create new fields and information buttons associated to results and orders, to customize the edinn M2 system to your management and information needs. Define a large number of properties for these fields, or even develop your own application linked to it.


No paper: access to electronic documents or other applications linked to any element of the system: machines, incidents, maintenance and procedures and quality, among others.


Internal communication: you will have an internal messaging system, which is connected to email, to manage incidents and to suggest improvements.