Production Control (OEE)


Production Control Module (OEE)

by edinn

version 2021-01


Product description

Optimize your production in real time. Automatically monitors machines and people. Get visually and easily: where, how much and why you can increase efficiency and productivity.

Version 2021-01
By edinn
ID LW0010
Operating System Microsoft Windows
Delivery methods Activation, Installation, Code
  • Highlights

    • Increase the profitability of your operations: our users report 10% increases in their productivity in less than a year. Know in real time and history, which people and machines could improve their performance, and 100% detail of the causes.
    • Information available from any device: have all the data you need to improve from your PC, Tablet or Smartphone.
    • Recommendations: to motivate and help the user to improve. Available in real time in the Terminal and in the Reports, using Big Data.

Price information

Price table
Rental mode (SaaS) 29 € / month
Maintenance for SaaS Included
Purchase mode (SaaP) 870 €
Annual maintenance for SaaP 18% Licenses (from 2nd year)

*The prices shown are per process to be monitored and with local server.


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