Vision Module

by edinn

version 2020-07


Product Description

Set up visually and easily, step by step, those visual patterns you want to monitor. Thanks to the speed of sampling and pattern recognition, the module allows uses ranging from production counting to quality control and anomaly detection.

Version 2020-07
By edinn
ID LW0090
Operating System Microsoft Windows
Delivery methods Activation, Installation, Code
Requires Consumption Efficiency Module
  • Highlights

    • Patterns to signals: when converting visual patterns into standard signals, subsequent uses are unlimited since they are considered signals like the rest and therefore can be combined with the rest of the system’s modules.
    • Video of what happened: Do you want to see what happened in a certain breakdown? How was it resolved? How was the reference/result change made? You can record everything that happens in your processes and locate, from edinn, in seconds, the exact video sequence.
    • Centralized and distributed: possibility of centralized monitoring (on the central server) of all images, or in a distributed manner, for greater speed, directly in the process or through mixed solutions.

Price information

Price table
Rental mode (SaaS) 9 € / month
Maintenance for SaaS Included
Purchase mode (SaaP) 270 €
Annual maintenance for SaaP 18% Licenses (from 2nd year)

*The prices shown are per process to be monitored and with local server.


The edinn team supports this module from the Ticketing Platform.