Vision Module: If a camera can see it, you can monitor it to control and improve it.

Visual and easy configuration


You can configure in a visual and easy way, step by step, those visual patterns that you want to monitor.


From monitoring production to increasing quality


Thanks to the sampling speed and pattern recognition, the module allows applications ranging from production counting to quality controls and detection of anomalies.

Video of what happened


Want to see what happened in a breakdown? How did they solve it? How was made the change of the reference/result? You can record everything that happens in your processes and locate, from edinn, in seconds, the exact video sequence.


Visual and easy configuration: it allows a step-by-step visual and easy configuration of the visual patterns that the system should monitor in real time and at high speed. The system will provide a signal, which is compatible with the entire monitoring system, when the visual pattern is recognized.


Patterns to signals: when converting visual patterns into standard signals, the subsequent uses are unlimited because they are considered signals like the rest and they can therefore be combined with the rest of the modules of the system.


High speed: optimized for high-speed sampling and pattern recognition, ultimately depending on hardware limitations, among others: camera speed, image sending and server processing speed.

Centralized and distributed: possibility of centralized monitoring (at the central server) of all images, or in a distributed way for more speed, directly at the process or by mixed solutions.


Video recording and viewing: the system records video continuously of as many processes as needed and the user can locate, in seconds, any sequence of any process to understand production situations.