BABEL selects EDINN Industry 4.0 Platform for their Hackathon

Edinn, the Industry 4.0 platform for industrial plants, was selected by BABEL, an international consultancy IT firm, for the celebration of the #HackathonBABEL. The event took place in the headquarters of BABEL in Madrid the past 20th of October, and gathered more than 50 IT professionals

BABEL organized this event, where programmers and IT professionals from different departments of the company gathered in groups and worked in new developments in order to meet the proposed challenges following the topic of “Internet of Things”.

The international consultant company selected the Edinn Industry 4.0 platform for this hackathon, whose thread driver was the 4th Industrial Revolution and IoT technologies. This type of events allows to innovate, to investigate and to develop new ideas thanks to the knowledge of the participants that, in this case, worked collaboratively for 24 hours non-stop. Using the Edinn Platform API, all the groups could carry out their ideas to meet several of the challenges proposed.

BABEL, a multinational Spanish consultant with offices in Spain, UK, Mexico, Lisbon or Casablanca and with more than 580 employees, provides technical services oriented to all kind of organizations in their digital transformation process.

Monitoring a Edinn’s miniature industrial plant during the Hackathon


About Edinn®

Edinn is the open platform of Industry 4.0 used by more than 3.000 active users in 12 countries. It is a manageable, fast and powerful way to get the maximum efficiency and productivity in real time. It provides standard tools for Production Control (Manufacturing Execution System, MES & MOM), for Optimization through Operational Intelligence (Operational Intelligence, OI)and allows to develop every other need.

To this day, Edinn has developed more than 100 successful projects in the 4th Industrial Revolution, and doing so, Edinn has become one of the most experienced technology enablers in Industry 4.0

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