Edinn will be at the Advanced Factories Fair

Edinn will be present at the next edition of Advanced Factories, that will held next 13 – 15 March at the International Convention Center of Barcelona (CCIB). This event will bring together companies and professionals from different sectors related to Industry 4.0.

This time Edinn will have a shared booth (Booth F120) with the Technological Institute of Aragón (ITAINNOVA). Also, it will be held a conference about How to implement quick and affordable Industry 4.0 solutions in industrial companies, leaded by our CEO, David Tronchoni.

Undoubtedly, this fair will be an excellent chance to get a feeling for the current state of the market, and learn how the industry is adopting integral solutions such as the Edinn Platform to carry out effective Industry 4.0 strategies.

For that reason, we invite every company to attend our booth. You can contact us byThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it “> clicking here, sending us your data (Phone, company, full name) and we will contact you back. *.

* Note: Invitations are limited; please contact us to confirm your invitation. .


About Edinn®

Edinn is the open platform of Industry 4.0 used by more than 3.000 active users in 12 countries. It is a manageable, fast and powerful way to get the maximum efficiency and productivity in real time. It provides standard tools for Production Control (Manufacturing Execution System, MES & MOM), for Optimization through Operational Intelligence (Operational Intelligence, OI)and allows to develop every other need.

To this day, Edinn has developed more than 100 successful projects in the 4th Industrial Revolution, and doing so, Edinn has become one of the most experienced technology enablers in Industry 4.0



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