Advantages of Big Data

Advantages of Big Data



Some time ago, a user, responsible for the global edinn platform in his company, asked us to incorporate to his edinn platform a dashboard to standardize it in hundreds of factories around the world. This user specializes in industrial automation and information management, so the dashboard he designed was very powerful and complex.

It included several tables (also known as “widgets”) of information, such as the evolution of the OEE in the last 30 days, or the cycle time of the machine in real time and that of the last 10 pieces, the hourly production, and many other things.

Logically, show this information quickly, in real time and aggregated, in all the operating terminals of all the plants, it was not going to be easy.

Some tests were made and the first versions of the dashboard, executing queries to the database, took 20 seconds to show. Having to wait 20 seconds until the screen was refreshed with the necessary information, it was absolutely exasperating.

As the edinn platform has a Big Data module, this module was activated in the user’s installation, and the control panel was redone, also through the API, but this time using calls that are supported on the Big Data module.

What was the result? The dashboard was now displayed in less than 1 second. That is 20 times faster!

Not all companies handle the same amount of data and often the problem of speeds does not reside in the system, but in the adaptation of this in terms of the volume of information. The edinn platform was ahead of the problem and created the Artificial Intelligence and Big Data module, capable of reducing system response times, predicting faults and much more.


About edinn


Founded in 2004, edinn is becoming one of the world’s most popular Industry 4.0 Platform as it is used by thousands of customers around the world.

edinn is the base platform for any Industry 4.0 project, because it includes the necessary “core” elements and, on them, using the favorite development environment, it allows to solve any need through its standard API. It incorporates standard tools for Production Control (Manufacturing Execution System, MES), Production Optimization  using Operational Intelligence, Big Data and Machine Learning.

edinn produces the platform and relies on the associated companies (Partners) for the implementation, thus providing double guarantee and greater service. Partner companies have a complete back-end to develop and manage their Industry 4.0 business line.


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