We took part in the Global Robot Expo 2020

We took part in the Global Robot Expo 2020


At edinn, we had the pleasure of participating in in the the Global Robot Expo 2020, the world’s most important virtual trade fair on robotics, innovation, artificial intelligence and technological innovation held annually at IFEMA (Madrid).

This year, the fair was marked by a major change in format thanks to the creation of a completely virtual and realistic environment. That new model allowed attendees to live an experience very similar to what the real fair would have been.

Also, through the creation of avatars, attendees were able to appear in different parts of the fair. For exemple, chat with other users via the microphone or chat was possible, attend conferences, etc… Even hold meetings in private rooms and music concerts became a reality.


For all these reasons, GR-EX Virtual has been a unique opportunity to do business with clients and talk to great experts and professionals of the technological, industrial and business sector. Moreover, all this from home, saving on costs and ensuring the safety of those attending.

Our experience in the Global Robot Expo 2020

Edinn was one of the companies chosen to present a pitch on Industry 4.0, real applications and success stories. The Marketing and Business team had the opportunity to show why Edinn is becoming the most popular Industry 4.0 Platform, being used by thousands of users all over the world.

Edinn is probably the only completely standard Industry 4.0 Platform, which gives it a unique robustness and cost-effectiveness. In addition, the platform is characterized as being incredibly affordable.

With a structure of 13 modules, several add-ons and an API Rest, it is able to cover all plant needs and carry out powerful Industry 4.0 projects. Do you want to know more? Visit our aplication section to discover our modules!

Participating in the Global Robot Expo 2020 was amazing! See you in future editions of GR-EX!

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