Edinn: One of the best MES/MOM solutions in the world


Edinn: One of the best MES/MOM solutions in the world


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The Manufacturing Operations Management Institute’s (MOMI) business consulting team has recently considered that edinn is one of the best MES/MOM solutions in the world. The MOMI is dedicated to education and consulting for Digital Transformation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Furthermore, edinn we has been part of a powerful selection of 43 MES providers from all over the world with whom edinn has been able to share the details of its services, technologies, quality and approaches. Thus, the MES/MOM Guide aims to provide the public with a clear overview of the solutions.

Therefore, from edinn we want to share with you some great news that endorses the trajectory of our company and the power of the Digital Transformation Open Platform we manufacture. Read below!


Edinn: One of the best MES/MOM solution in the world

The edinn Digital Transformation Open Platform receives this recognition from the best and only guide in this sector. This is the prestigious MOM Solution Guide from the Manufacturing Operations Management Institute (MOMI).

This document is an annual independent guide to help SMEs and multinationals select MES/MOM solutions. In this sense, in 2020, one more year, edinn was the only Spanish company competing at the top of the best solutions in its class.

Do you want to discover the guide? You can do it right here!

Finally, edinn is probably the only completely standard platform of its type. This makes it uniquely robust and cost-effective. On the other hand, the platform is characterised by its rapid implementation and incredible affordability. With a structure of 14 modules, several add-ons and an API Rest, it is capable of covering all the needs in the plant by carrying out powerful Industry 4.0 & Work Management projects. Do you want to know more? Have a look to our modules!


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