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The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the daily habits of many people around the world. Telework has undoubtedly been one of these major changes. New ways of working have emerged and with them, new needs for control and management of work and telework.

Edinn has adapted to this new trend and has developed edinn work management, the tool that represents the future of (tele)work management.

Edinn Work Management helps you to improve your work

Millions of people commute to work every day, destroying the environment and polluting the air we breathe. In addition, according to a study by Curtin University in Australia, more than 40% of supervisors do not want telework due to the possibility of suffering losses in efficiency and productivity.

Faced with this situation, we at edinn asked ourselves the following questions:

How many of these people could telework and improve their quality of life and that of others? Could we develop a tool that would help people in their work and provide controlled, real-time management?

We realised that we could, and it was at that moment that we gave birth to a new way of managing all kinds of work.

Main features of the edinn system for (tele)work management

The edinn tool for work management and teleworking allows to increase productivity and efficiency both in offices and remotely. It increases visibility, team feeling, monitoring and control of work.

With edinn it is possible to share your tasks, know in real time what your colleagues are doing, their percentage of progress, and if, for example, they have stopped for lunch or if they have any problem and you can help them.

Moreover, while you work, edinn calculates your performance and the performance of your colleagues, objectively and correctly, following international standards. This helps to motivate the team and to improve their daily tasks.

Thanks to a results-based model, people are more autonomous and deliver results with the expected quality on time. No more time sheets and continuous “How is the task going?” and “How much time do you have left?” questions that demotivate the best professionals.

Edinn also allows you to create and maintain your project in table or Gantt format, visualise and receive alerts on the progress in real time, measuring the time worked, the results obtained and the fulfilment of the due dates.

Do you want to try it? You can request your free 3-month demo here.

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