5th UPV Industry 4.0 Conference

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5th UPV Industry 4.0 Conference

jornada industria 4.0

Edinn at the 5th UPV Industry 4.0 Conference

Edinn will participate in a round table on Acceleration in Digitalisation with the 5th UPV Industry 4.0 Conference on 30 November 2021.

The Polytechnic University of Valencia is the only polytechnic in Spain that manages to place among the top 500 universities in the world in the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) and there are already several successful editions of these conferences.

This year edinn will be present. We will participate in a debate on the acceleration of digitalisation through the Digital Challenge, a platform for the exchange of information and experiences with specialists from companies and associations, aimed at professionals. You can consult the full programme here.

How we see digitalisation at edinn

Digitalisation has become indispensable in today’s companies, even more so because of the pandemic.

The challenge for the fourth industrial revolution and digitisation is the development of software and analysis systems that convert all the data recorded in companies into useful and valuable information that allows better decisions to be made. Digitisation aims to make production much more efficient and focused on achieving results by reducing costs and increasing profitability.

Benefits of digitisation

The benefits of digitisation are many and have an effect on the entire company structure. Firstly, digitisation reduces time and streamlines many business processes allowing economies of scale to be applied, increasing production in one cycle and reducing fixed costs.

Human resources have also undergone changes with digitalisation, as smart technologies are increasingly able to perform tasks efficiently. People can then move on to more strategic tasks with more value for the company. This results in higher talent retention, because people feel that they play a key role in decision-making processes and see greater career prospects.

In addition, digitalisation improves efficiency through the use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies. A clear example is the case of edinn and its Envision module. This module helps companies to predict breakdowns and avoid costs and problems. Data storage in the cloud also frees up many human resources, allowing them to invest in tasks of greater interest.

Cost reduction can also be achieved by making use of all digital communication channels. These channels make it possible, for example, to reduce stock as there are more lines of contact with suppliers and customers that streamline the logistics process. As a result, factories optimise their production processes and end up recording an increase in sales.

Communications are also streamlined and channels such as social networks, collaborative tools, conferencing platforms and other applications are becoming more important. These are tools that improve internal and external communication within the company. There are many more ways to reach the company’s target audience with the product, so there are more opportunities to improve brand positioning.

Don’t miss this event and discover live how we help companies to go digital! Registration and more information here.


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