Costs Module

by edinn

version 2021-01


Product description

Get to know your real costs to reduce them. Motivate your team to reduce economic costs by setting limits and managing them in a graphic way. Consider all process costs, direct or indirect, in your model.

Version 2021-01
By edinn
ID LW0060
Operating System Microsoft Windows
Delivery methods Activation, Installation, Code
Requires Consumption Efficiency Module
  • Highlights

    • All costs: It allows you to set costs on virtually all elements of the system. In this way, since the system records and monitors everything that happens in production, the system provides virtually full actual costs for the entire production.
    • Visual and simple: obtain, in a visual and simple way, by means of a red, yellow and green color code, when a machine or person is not having the minimum costs to be profitable and, then, a justification will be requested to the person in charge of that process.
    • No limits: no limitation on the number of cost variables that can be considered and calculated for each process.


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