Get to know your real costs in order to reduce them.

To start, get to know your real costs in order to reduce them


The edinn M2 system practically shows everything that happens in your operations. If you add the economic costs to everything, the system will show you the real costs of virtually everything.


Motivate yourself to reduce your costs


With reports showing in a red color all cost deviations of more than a certain percentage, you will be motivated to keep them under control.

From a simple model to a model with all costs included


Direct or indirect, there is no limitation to the number of costs you can consider in each process.


All costs: allows you to set up costs on virtually all system elements. In this way, since the system records and monitors everything that happens in production, the system offers virtually complete real costs of the entire production.


Visual and easy: visually consult, in a quick and easy way, through a red, yellow and green colour code, when a machine or person is not having the costs to be profitable. A justification will be requested from the person responsible for that process.

No limits: without limitation on the number of cost variables that can be considered and calculated for each process.


All types of costs: direct, indirect, manual, automatic, time dependent, produced units and many more. We have not yet found a type of cost that the system does not support.


 Requires the edinn Consumption Module.