Quality: SPC and CPK

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SPC, or Statistical Process Control


SPC is an acronym for Statistical Process Control and it’s the process improvement methodology that edinn offers to help you improve quality in both quantitative and qualitative terms .


The lack of  quality in a process has a very high cost as it’s necessary to rework or throw away defective parts, or in the worst cases those parts could make their way to the customer, damaging the organization’s image and its profitability.


For a product to be considered defective, it must breach at least one quality parameter. The SPC method is based on measuring all quality variables periodically along the productive process, to know if said process is kept between certain control limits and between the customer’s specification limits (which edinn shows in green and red respectively).

The CPK index


CPK is a ratio that indicates wether the process is centered between the control limits and the customer specifications. Edinn includes all SPC and CPK formulas and saves the end user from having to manually perform complex calculations. Inside the SPC reports it is possible to obtain all ratios automatically and in real time.


Edinn will measure the quality variables periodically and automatically, or will prompt the operator to input them by blinking the SPC button and demanding a justification in case they don’t input any data. Based on this SPC data it will generate the control graph and the histogram automatically and in real time..


For values beyond the control limits, it will force the operator to justify the steps followed to redrect the process. In addition to this, the SPC graph is interactive and the operatorcan click on any point and see when the measures were taken and what justification was given.

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