Quality and SPC

The Quality Module (SPC) helps you to continuously increase the quality of your processes, which will also allow you to increase your performance, among many other advantages of great impact on your organization.

Increase the quality of your processes


With a tool that allows you to measure automatically, manually or semi-automatically, the quality of your processes, without limitation of variables, in real time or in the past, and to easily follow methodologies such as SPC (Statistical Process Control).


Exceeds the most demanding certifications and audits


As they are exceeded every year by our users in the most demanding industrial plants, for example in the automotive and food sectors.

Avoid getting your certificates filled out with registration papers


With the edinn M2 system, you not only increase your quality and pass certifications and audits, but everything is recorded visually and automatically.


From anywhere: whatch, in real and historical time, from any computer, tablet and smart phone, the status and evolution of the quality variables of your organization, without limitation in the number of variables.


Increase quality: control the quality of your processes by analyzing quality variables manually or automatically, periodically, as early and upstream as possible in the production chain, in order to detect and correct problems as soon as possible, reducing non-quality losses as much as possible.


SPC: get a software tool to automatically perform Statistical Process Control (SPC), which will allow you to pass the most demanding certifications and audits.


You get notifications: The user receives visual notification, indicating the criticality (red or yellow), of when to take quality data.


Global: the whole organization is able to visualize the statistical control charts and histogram to check, in real and historical time, the quality of the processes.


Interaction: The statistical graphs are interactive and therefore the user can click on any measurement and get context information (any variable you determine, such as temperature, pressure, etc.), who took the measurement, whether he had to justify any quality correction and much more.

Workflow: the edinn M2 system can require users to justify how they correct quality problems, and maintains all data records electronically.


Multivariate: Compare 2 quality variables to detect influences between them.


Context: have context information (any variable that you determine such as temperature, pressure, etc.) to be able to carry out studies of relationships between context variables and their critical quality variables.


Main key figures: automatically obtain and display the main quality key figures such as CPK.


Zero paper: access electronic documentation or other applications linked to any element of the system: planning, machines, incidents, maintenance and procedures, quality, etc.