Imel expands the MES edinn in Chile

Imel expands the MES edinn in Chile




IMEL, one of the main manufacturers in Chile of steel profiles, tubes, pipes, conduit, Mekanocon galvanized metal profile construction systems, a line of steel covers and coatings, the Imel Tubox construction system and the mining division to supply mainly underground works Imel Mining Rock; selected in June 2020, for its parent plant in Santiago de Chile, the edinn platform as its production control (also called Manufacturing Execution System or MES) and Industry 4.0. It began with a pilot in the production control and planning module, shortly after it increased to 6 lines and today it is installed in 13 production lines, with the OEE production control and production planning modules.

This technological advance has given Imel a boost in its goal of digitizing its processes and advancing on the path of the fourth industrial revolution, to increase its profits, and better satisfy its customers, controlling its production and optimizing its manufacturing processes.


Increased productivity and competitiveness with the edinn Open Platform for Digital Transformation


Imel’s goals were:

  • Install MES pilot in less than 1 month and then expand to 13 lines in 6 months.
  • Migrate from planning in Excel to the planning module in Cutter lines, Pipes and Profilers.
  • Obtain production summary reports for the calculation of incentives.
  • Have real-time information on the progress of production and forecast compliance with objectives.


To achieve the above goals, they considered multiple MES solutions and chose edinn because it is:

  • Standard and fully documented, which minimizes vendor dependencies and offers the possibility of being more autonomous.
  • Open and totally flexible thanks to its API that allows the system to be improved or adapted to any need, generating competitive advantages.
  • Powerful and therefore capable of absorbing numerous functionalities in a short time: from basic infrastructure functions such as OPC/UA capture and sending data from one server to another, to high-level functions such as displaying dashboards and all the functionalities of a complete MES with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.


The result is that edinn has been successfully installed, configured and integrated within the scheduled time, fully adapting to Imel’s requirements but maintaining its MES standard as a base platform for digital transformation and Industry 4.0; thus ensuring great potential to cover any need, at an acquisition and maintenance cost without competition.
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